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The Jewish Standard

Dancing in air:
Rabbinic, cantorial students learn circus to embody the power of Jewish texts
-Joanne Palmer

"Circus performers live in their bodies.

Rabbis live in their heads.

Circus performers and rabbis live in relationship to other people.

These of course are gross overstatements. Ridiculous overstatements. But it is true that circus is an overwhelmingly physical art form, the study of rabbinics involves the extraordinarily in-depth analysis of text, and neither can exist in a vacuum.”


The Jewish Week

Jewish Texts As A High-Wire Act:
A unique pedagogical experiment in Riverdale combines Torah and circus stunts.
-ZOhar Reyhanian

They’re head over heels about Jewish texts. Literally.

And seminarians at the Academy of Jewish Religion in Riverdale are also walking a tightrope in trying to fathom how the biblical Abraham balances his conflicts as he prepares to sacrifice his son. Literally.