Circus? Like The circus? Like clowns? jugglers? aerialists??

Yes! We can study text through the vehicle of a range of circus arts, such as human pyramids, partner acrobatics, juggling, rolla bolla, tightwire, aerial and more.

Is it safe?

It sure is! I have been a professional circus coach for over ten years and on three different continents! I will ensure a fun, safe, and educational experience.

Age and ability?

All ages and all abilities are welcome! I have led these workshops with elementary school children and people into their late 70s (Check out the Testimonials page for proof!). I have also taught circus on many different levels, including pre-professional, recreational regulars, one time thrill seekers, and everything and anyone in between. Circus is adaptable for people of all physical and cognitive abilities as well!

How much does this cost?

We will figure out a price that works for both of us! Please contact me for details.


I will teach workshops up to 20 by myself. Anything beyond that will require hiring extra coaches. I have a team of people I work with.


Yes! We customIze and tailor our workshop based on the age, backgrounds, and developmental levels of our participants. It is recommended that parents start teaching their kids elements of consent as young as 3 years old, if not even younger. Consent can be discussed in many ways, and we ensure that the content of each workshop is appropriate for its participants. We are happy to discuss any questions or concerns prior to our program taking place.

Is it ok I am Shomer negiyah?

Sure is, just let me know before or at the beginning of the workshop.

FOR THE text workshop, what will we study?

We can decide together on a text that works best for you!
I have lead workshops covering, Torah, Neviim (Prophets), Ketuvim (writings), Talmud, and Jewish thought.

Any other questions?

Contact me.