Circus? Like The circus? Like clowns? jugglers? aerialists??

Yes! We can study text through the vehicle of a range of circus arts, such as human pyramids, partner acrobatics, juggling, rolla bolla, tightwire, aerial and more.

Is it safe?

It sure is! I have been a professional circus coach for over ten years and on three different continents! I will ensure a fun, safe, and educational experience.

Age and ability?

All ages and all abilities are welcome! I have led these workshops with elementary school children and people into their late 70s (Check out the Testimonials page for proof!). I have also taught circus on many different levels, including pre-professional, recreational regulars, one time thrill seekers, and everything and anyone in between. Circus is adaptable for people of all physical and cognitive abilities as well!

Is it ok I am Shomer negiyah?

Sure is, just let me know before or at the beginning of the workshop.

What text will we study?

We can decide together on a text that works best for you!
I have lead workshops covering, Torah, Neviim (Prophets), Ketuvim (writings), Talmud, and Jewish thought.

How much does this cost?

We will figure out a price that works for both of us! Please contact me for details.

Any other questions?

Contact me.